Welcome to g2whisky

Welcome to g2whisky:

There is much that’s happening and so much more. I appreciate. attend, and comment on Whisky and various spirits events, as well as, Fashion, Technology, Luxury. I also have a professional background in Wealth Management Consulting (due diligence, manager research, alternatives, ETF’s, HNW and much more.)

The more you learn, the more you realize you have to learn. Unless, of course you’re a modern day self-proclaimed expert. I love to learn, love to experience and share with others. So this has been a journey and I try to include people through social media – on most as g2whisky – and through expanding this website and writing for Preferred Magazine. Also g2whisky is a whisky club in Toronto, are you looking to start, learn more, taste more and compare, or special luxury tastings we can help.

This site is continuing to evolve and there will be many special enhancements that will be coming to you soon, so please follow on social media and sign up for the g2whisky and you might be surprised with special discounts or possibly early offers to special tastings and events including a copy of Rabbie Burns Events that was popular for Preferred Magazine readers last year.

As always, suggestions are welcome and most of all, remember:

Whisky, It’s a Social Thing!

Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts and I am on LinkedIn as well but please introduce yourself first.


Gerald Glavota




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